PLOG Sports Academy Project

Plog Sports Academy Project is the sports arm of Pet & Lisa Organization Ghana to train & support poor and needy but talented/skilled children/youth in sports career development. We created this initiative to get to as many Ghanaian young sports men and women as possible in every part of the world to help them play, learn, train and represent Ghana on all sports fields across the world. We want to grow a new, strong generation of sports men/women who had no hope in life to also celebrate victories over any opponents, no matter how strong or skillful they will appear to be and to achieve our ambitious goals, we wish to embark on different projects such as constructing new sports fields, building homes, organizing community sports and fitness activities with health screening & medication, donating of food, groceries, clothing, shoes, educational materials, etc. and provide skill training, volunteer & exchange programs.



The initiative is opening doors for many young people to love, play and make athletics/sports their future career; distant dreams of success in the life of the under privileged can now become a reality. Since our inception, we have assisted and trained over 50 players and athletes of which most of them are playing abroad and also locally as well.

We have established two (2) football academies at Dodo-Amanfrom and Akaa-Buem respectively. We are soon to begin training athletes in other disciplines like volleyball, basketball, net ball, hockey etc. About 35-50 players are in each Academy and we have plans to fully equip the academies with training field, kits, equipment etc  






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