PLOG Farms Project

Large scale farming of organic crop for export, processing and sale to generate funds to assist our many projects.

What we do

This project entails small scale organic farming of food (cereals, vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, tubers, plantain, etc.) and cash crops (cocoa, teak trees), mushroom, animal rearing (Ranch) and fish rearing to help feed the children we cater for and also generate some funds to assist our other needs. Land (25 acres or more) is available to be purchased and other resources such as water, labor is readily available for its implementation.


  • save children

Regarding the ranch/fish rearing, there is the need to put up wooden structures to be divided among the various animal species (sheep, goat, chicken), provide fodders/feeding troughs, dig the fish pond and wire fencing around the allocated area.

Most of the animal feed will be gotten from the farm as well and their droppings used as manure for the growing the crops. There will be no sort of genetically modified crops/animals on our farm and also no application of harmful chemicals whatsoever to the crops or on the land as “sustainable living” is our hallmark.


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