PLOG Home Project

Building of homes not to be orphanages to house underprivileged children/youth/women

What we do

At PLOG, we know that local community development and childhood, youth and especially the Girl-child & Young women empowerment is only possible if we start covering first level needs including shelter. 

We seek funding for the upkeep and provision for over 100 needy children including orphans, neglected, single parent, poverty ridden families etc. Unfortunately there is lack of accommodation and not enough resources at the moment to house them.

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Our goal is buinding affordable houses not in order to be orphanages but real love-filled homes to house disadvantaged children / youth / women.

Just once we manage to cover such basic needs as the provision of affordable and decent housing, clothing, nutrition and upbringing for the most needy groups, we could start working towards empowerment of children and women Young people of the community.


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