CINCINNATI (August 7, 2017) – Principals of SOLE BROS INC., a 501(c) (3) non-profit created by three Greater Cincinnati youth, announced that they have exceeded their 700 sneaker goal. “Thanks in part to the generosity of DHL Express in the U.S., we will be able to send nearly 1,000 pairs of quality sneakers to improve the lives of young people in Ghana.  We are so grateful that DHL Express in Erlanger believed in our mission and backed us up with their global network and international expertise,” said Spencer Boyd, a Founder of Sole Bros Inc.

The mission began in 2015 ago when founders Spencer Boyd II, Curtis Harrison IV and Kellen Newman, eight graders at the time, discovered that there were young people all around the world that had never experienced owning a pair of quality athletic shoes. The young men decided to make a difference by collecting new and nearly new quality sneakers for distribution to disadvantaged youth worldwide. In 2016 they completed their first mission by sending over 1200 pairs to the RuJohn Foundation in Jamaica.



This year they have been collecting sneakers all over the Tri-State and beyond for disadvantaged youth in the Volta Region of Ghana.  Sole Bros has committed 700 pairs of quality sneakers to the more than 500 youth served by the Pet & Lisa Organization.   PET & LISA ORGANIZATION, GHANA (PLOG), is a registered Non-profit Organization founded in January 2011 to Recruit, Support, Educate, Empower and Establish the poor, needy, abused, street, rescued & homeless Children/Youth in their future livelihood & career development. “It’s been an amazing journey again this year and we’re grateful for the help we have received,” said Sole Bros Kellen Newman.

Sole Bros principals are now five in number with the addition of two new Sole Bros this spring.  “Breiland Anderson (Rising Sophomore at Lakota West High School) and Eric Thompson Jr (Rising Sophomore at Lasalle High School) are amazing additions to our team.  Not only are they Scholar Athletes like the rest of us, the bring with them the exposure to two new incredible schools.” Says Curtis Harrison IV a Sole Bros Founder.

We are currently fundraising and preparing to travel to Ghana as well. “We’ve been invited by PLOG to assist with an international soccer tournament in December.  We, especially Eric and I, can’t wait to see the faces of the kids that received these gifts,” said Breiland Anderson.  The boys expand their organization by partnering with other non-profits that deliver services in areas with extremely limited resources.   “We are committed to Haiti in 2018” says Eric Thompson Jr.

DHL Express U.S. CEO Greg Hewitt, who received a letter from one of the Sole Bros Spencer Boyd, read what these young men had accomplished, and wanted the company to put its international shipping resources behind the charitable effort . “It’s heartwarming to see young people who truly care about those less fortunate do something concrete to improve the lives of others,” said Hewitt. “Our company makes community service a priority, so we were happy to help these compassionate entrepreneurs who are reaching out to people in some of the many communities DHL serves worldwide.”

The shoes will be picked up by DHL Express at 3pm on Wednesday, August 9, 2017, at the New Beginning Covenant Church at 1701 Princeton Road in Fairfield Township, Ohio, where the boys have been storing, cleaning and packaging all year. “New Beginning Covenant Church is delighted to help with this project.  We are an internationally minded ministry and when these impressive young men asked if we could help, we were happy to do so.” said Eric Langford, Senior Pastor of NBCC.

For more information and to get involved, visit, instagram@theofficialsolebros and Facebook/Sole Bros INC. You can also email or call at 513-253-5020

In Ghana, young girls like Pearl begins to learn from their mother's how to do house chores as early as 3years and by 7 to 8years they are able to assist in cooking. And they do it with smiles and joy.
A typical village kitchen looks like this in Ghana, visit or come volunteer with us to learn more and experience our culture just like Camille did and enjoyed it all she said.
The food being prepared on both fires is a staple food known as Banku, it is made with milled maize mixed with water and seasoned with salt. The mixture is put on fire and stirred continuously to get a hot thick paste which can then be rolled into balls when fully cooked and can be eaten with soup, stew etc. VERY DELICIOUS!!!



Thursday, August 31 at 7:00 AM UTC.  Football Gala in honor of our visitors the Sole Bros Inc.

Sole Bros will be coming to donate sneakers and football items to Plog and our Sports Academy, it will also be a time to recruit needy but talented players to join our academy.

Most importantly, this annual event is organized to promote peace and love among the children, youth and community members. Any donations in kind and cash will be accepted and each and everyone is invited to attend or travel here with the enthusiastic Sole Bros Inc boys for a good cause.


Come and join us!