PLOG Mission

Our mission Pet & Lisa Organization Ghana (PLOG NGO) works with the vocation to Recruit, Support, Educate, Empower and Establish orphaned, poor, needy, street, rescued & homeless Children/Youth in their future livelihood & career development. We also have taken upon ourselves to empower Young Women and assist them in all capacity to alleviate their poverty situations. Our credo is based on sustainable development, and thus, apart from social empowerment, environmental protection is our priority so as to make the World a better place for all.

CHEESE Initiative

Our focus areas are covered by the CHEESE Initiative – Children/Youth, Health, Education, Entrepreneurship, Sports, and Environmental Sustainability. Eventually we’re aiming to seek donors, philanthropist, organizations etc. to assist us get some school supplies for the

PLOG Vision

At PLOG we firmly believe that a better future is not only possible, but achievable. With the cooperation of donors, contributors, volunteers, workers and local people we trust to achieve measurable community developments; with far fewer orphans, street and underprivileged children as well as young girls and women in risky situation. Our goals and action lines at PLOG we think that local community development and childhood, youth and female empowerment is only possible if seen as an integrated process where first level needs including nutrition, accommodation, clothing and health care are combined with education & skill training.

PLOG Main Objective

Our Main Objective Protecting and assisting children/youth/women in vulnerable situations from generation to generation through the provision of basic needs, Education and skill training/talent/creativity, as well as humanitarian/developmental aid and sports.

PLOG Top Priority Goals

Provision Basics

Provision of Basic & Other Necessities For The Vulnerable

  • Provide vulnerable children & youth with food, clothing, shelter and health needs
  • Building of affordable homes for the homeless
  • Orphan and foster care



Fostering Education

Fostering Education in Deprived Rural Areas

  • Educating Children & youth
  • Building of model school facilities
  • Provision of educational and learning materials as well as energy sources and supplies
  • Offering of Educational scholarship and sponsorship




Sports Development & Promotion

  • To offer training, skill development & counseling for children/youth in all sports disciplines
  • Organizing community Sports activities to find talents, nurture and promote them worldwide
  • Using Sports as a tool in promoting peace and togetherness
  • Development of local sports facilities
  • Offering of sports scholarships and sponsorships



Vocation & Skills

Vocational Training & Skill Development

  • Offer skill/vocational training and micro financing to the youth & women in vulnerable situations
  • Assist & support youth who has become school dropouts to be trained and equipped with various skills/vocations
  • Empowerment of the youth/women
  • Offer career guidance and counseling

Rights & Justice

Humanitarian AID & Community Development, Rights & Justice

  • Promotion and advocacy on Child/youth/women Rights
  • Humanitarian relief
  • Disaster relief


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