Football in Heart

Plog as now known was an initiative brought into light by Mr. Peter Nana Obrempong and his wife Serwaa Naana Obrempong. It started as an interest in football sports and the training of players that were discovered to be very talented / skillful but needy, deprived, underprivileged, street boys etc and needed assistance to be well trained and polished to become future stars because their potentials were physically seen and admired by all.

In this plight, street and neighborhood football competitions were organized often and with time gained more popularity among the youth and even to the extent that many people started attending our events massively as spectators and donated some token gifts for the players. This went on for almost a year and gave birth to the vision, formation and legal registration of Pet Football Development Foundation (PEFDEF) in January, 2011.


 PLOG beyond Football

For now, it's not all about football only but Plog has the vision, mission and drive for the development of all other Sports disciplines and work with the vocation to Recruit, Support, Educate, Empower and Establish orphaned, poor, needy, street, rescued & homeless Children/Youth in their future livelihood & career development and also to empower Young Women and assist them in all capacity to alleviate their poverty situations. Our credo is based on sustainable development, and thus, apart from social empowerment, environmental protection is our priority so as to make the World a better place for all. Our focus areas of interest includes; Children/Youth Empowerment, Health, Education, Entrepreneurship, Sports and Environmental Sustainability which is known to Plog as the C. H. E. E. S. E INITIATIVE